About Cindy

When businesses understand and practice the right strategy, it impacts their bottom line.

One of the best ways to create growth in a business is through the understanding of strategic planning, modern operations, creating systems, and maximizing revenue. Business growth strategy should be integrated into every part of your business and that’s what I do.

Building a company starts by building a strong foundation and understanding the key principles of business growth strategy. I’m an award-winning, highly-certified business growth strategist and executive coach.

Cindy In Action

Repairing the Dis-Integration of Genders
| Cindy Kelley | TEDxOcala

Women are strong and powerful. Today, we are involved in more than we ever have in human history. Every day, we push for our rightful seat at the table. However, the way we have done so has come with a cost. I believe it's time to shift our culture to one empowering women without disempowering men. We don't need a changing of the guard. There's a way for us to use all of our assets while still maintaining our feminine independence. It should be our goal to evolve together and build a better future for all the genders.


My career and business success makes me an excellent addition to virtual and live events seeking expertise in finance, strategy as a driver for integrated business , cultural transformation and leadership.

Bring me out to energize your audience and provide them with actionable steps that they can use to take their jobs and life to the next level.

A sampling of my talk subjects include:

  • Breaking Down Silos: Collaboration Made Easy
  • Making Leaders Communicate Again
  • Strategic Planning Without The Headache
  • Generational Diversity: Mixing The Old With The New For Great Results

Reach out today to start the discussion about me speaking at your event!

What People Are Saying

"Cindy Kelley is a valuable asset to any organization that brings her in as a speaker to train, inspire and lead any audience igniting their potential for growth, development and increased productivity. I highly recommend Cindy Kelley."

Alicia Couri
CEO, Red Carpet CEO Personal Branding & Media

"You can feel her passion when she helps you. She has done all the work and is helping others, as well as myself and making it easier to understand. She has a unique way of helping your money grow and finding the root of each individuals needs. I highly recommend Cindy Kelley to help you grow your net worth.  "

Holly Dresson
Author and Entrepreneur

"Cindy is very captivating and engages with her audience. The success she has had in her experience with her career, is displayed when speaking to the audience. She empowers, educates and gives the blueprint for having a successful business!  "

Laquisha Williams
Worldclass Leader

“The fast pace of technological change will continue to transform the world of work. Some analysts predict that half of the workforce to be freelancers by 2020. (Forbes, 2018).”

Hello I’m Cindy Rodriguez Constable

I’m your partner in business growth with over 20 years of real-world experience in finance, operations, systems, and strategic planning.

Most recently serving as the Director of Budget & Legislative Affairs for the City of Ocala, Florida. I’ve had oversight of all operations.

I’ve helped my clients solve problems, maximize resources, and motivate teams. This is the expertise I will leverage in bringing growth to your business.

I’m also the CEO of RGIC — a boutique content marking agency that counts business ranging from “mom and pop” to large multinational corporations.

I can help you grow every part of your business.

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