There Is No Right Or Wrong

We all approach things from our own unique point of view. We each have our own perspective based on the experiences we bring with us to a given situation. There is no time of year when this is more evident that during election season. Two people can view the same image; hear the same speech, read the same information yet come away with 2 totally different perspectives. We have preconceived notions about what something represents. Within that context, we formulate an opinion. Where things get sticky is that we attempt to push that opinion as fact.

How much times have you wasted trying to prove someone else wrong? Trying to convince someone that your perspective is the only way. Attempting to convince them that you are right and they are wrong is a complete wasted effort.

“A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still” – Benjamin Franklin 

What is even sadder to me is that we attack others for maintaining a different opinion. We expend copious amounts of energy trying to prove them wrong. In those futile attempts, we throw reason out the window. We will quote any source, regardless of how unreliable, as “evidence” to support our opinion. I’ve witnessed the vilest comments. I’ve seen friendships ended and relationships ruined all in an attempt to be RIGHT. I ask you this: Was it worth it? Did you really “win” by denigrating your friend? You obviously couldn’t convince them of your rightness or their wrongness. To what end is all of this angst?

What I appreciate about living in this country is our right to have a difference of opinion and to do so publicly without recourse. Well, without recourse from the government anyway.

When you look at the wolf and the bird picture: What do you see? I see focus, determination, grit, perseverance, tunnel vision, risk taking, risk avoidance, nature, and calm.

About the Author Cindy Constable

Culture must be created, grown, and sustained by design over the long term. Cindy is a Culture Transformation Specialist for corporations. She uses a restorative process called A.I.R.R. to elevate your company culture and bring integration between your leadership, vision, culture, and team members to enhance overall performance.

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