Upon entering the workforce, the goal is often to move up the corporate ladder.  That is done by receiving promotions within a company. An age-old debate among employers has been whether one should receive a promotion based on seniority, their time with the company or merit, their actions while employed.
Reaching the C Suite is considered the ultimate goal of many employees working in the business world. The C suite, also known as the upper management department houses top senior executives within a company.  Once you’ve reached the C Suite level, you are charged with maintaining a demanding workload and
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Finding a highly skilled, hardworking and consistent employee to join your team can be a difficult task.  Some companies find it just as challenging to decrease turnover rates of their best employees. The reason an employee chooses to resign can vary widely.  Some get married and move to another state.
Many of today’s companies have employees that represent various generations, and this can lead to many generational differences in the workplace. Having differences in business can be a benefit because homogeneity often leads to a lack of new ideas and fresh perspectives.  However, if those differences are not appropriately managed,
Designing the corporate culture of a business is a crucial component of long-term success.   It’s not enough to just let it develop over time without care, thought, or purpose. You must think about how the culture should look and feel within your company.  This should not be one more thing

5 Tips To Improve Employee Engagement

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  • Analyze your current systems operations
  • Identify revenue channels.
  • Optimize Team Performance