A very dear friend reached out to tell me she was hosting a 14-Day Examine Your Why Challenge. I graciously accepted the challenge. Truth be told, this challenge came at a very good time for me. You see, I’ve fallen off the “why wagon”. My poor blog has been neglected.
[et_pb_section bb_built=”1″][et_pb_row][et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text] If you want to have more money or wealth in the future, then you need to know all you can about spending and investing. At a level, spending and investing is the same thing because they both require that something leaves your hand which can be cash.
[et_pb_section admin_label=”section”] [et_pb_row admin_label=”row”] [et_pb_column type=”4_4″][et_pb_text admin_label=”Text”] #TBT to the Sister Accord Tea Party in Miami! I’m so grateful to Sonia Jackson Myles for acting on her dreams so that we could come together in one accord and lift each other up! #Sistetaccordteaparty [/et_pb_text][/et_pb_column] [/et_pb_row] [/et_pb_section]

5 Tips To Improve Employee Engagement

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  • Analyze your current systems operations
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